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Online Student Employment System

UH Hilo uses an on-line student employment system. You do not have to come to Career Development Services to get a referral for on-campus student-employment positions. To be eligible to get an online referral you must:

  1. Be a currently enrolled UH Hilo student registered for at least six-semester credits (12- credits for students on F1 visas)
  2. Have current & cumulative GPA's of 2.0 or higher (not applicable to students beginning their first-semester as a UH student)
  3. To gain a referral for Federal Workstudy positon, you must have a current Federal Work Study award. A work study award is * not * required for G-funded student employment positions (designated "UH" in the "Job Program" field in our online system)
  4. Create Your Profile at the UH Student Employment & Co-operative Education (SECE) website

Tax forms and I-9 forms continue to be paper transactions; but all other job search and hiring process are completed on-line. Tax forms are completed in the employing unit; I-9 forms are completed in the Career Development Services office.

To create your student account, you will need to know your UH ITS User Name (the part of your email address that precedes the "@" sign ) and your email password.

This site is usually not available beteen 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. HST because the data-base is updated during that time.

Also look through our Off-Campus Jobs listings for part-time jobs in Hilo & vicinity.

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